Question: What does partying mean?

What does it mean when someone is partying?

the activity of enjoying yourself, especially at a party, for example by drinking alcohol and dancing: His love of partying is legendary. She pops down for a meeting and likes what she sees - wild partying and champagne flowing. He was there to spend the night after an evening of partying elsewhere.

What is party slang for?

shindig (informal) soirée. wrap party. rave-up (British, slang) afterparty.

What does LA party means?

La citoyen means motherland. From the very beginning , the French revolution introduce various measures & practice that could create a sense of collective identity like the Idea of la partie ( fatherland) & le citoyen ( motherland) amongst the French people.

What is a party in British slang?

beano (British, slang) social gathering. shindig (informal) soirée. wrap party.

What fell off mean?

verb. fall heavily or suddenly; decline markedly. “The real estate market fell off” synonyms: sink, slump drop, drop down, sink.

Who does La Patrie mean?

fatherland La patrie is french word used for fatherland. The ideas of la patrie (the fatherland) and le citoyen (the citizen) emphasized the notion of a united community enjoying equal rights under a constitution.It was initiated by French revolutionaries to create a collective belonging among the country men.

Is period party a thing?

Yes, you read that right. A party to celebrate a girls first bleed. But in a world where we celebrate everything from gender-reveal parties to our pets getting older, celebrating something as monumental and life-affirming as periods is a wonderful thing.

What is mental in British slang?

Mental is sometimes used as a slang term with the same meaning as the informal sense of crazy, especially in the U.K. Its typically used to describe a person or their behavior as being extreme or illogical in some way.

Can you call a party a do?

Dos are, typically, weddings, landmark birthdays or grand social events. In this case a faculty party can be called a do. mainly UK informal a party or other social event: Colins having a bit of a do for his 50th birthday.

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