Question: How old is Christian Beadles?

Where is Christian Beadles from?

Atlanta, Georgia, United States Christian Beadles/Place of birth

Are Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles still friends?

They met the Beadles family at church and Justins mom (Pattie) and Christian & Caitlins mom (Sandi) became friends. After that, Caitlin and Justin got together and then Justin and Christian were friends, which they still are, however Caitlin and Justin are no longer together.

How did Christian Beadles and Justin Bieber meet?

Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles friendship As reported by Us Magazine, Bieber first met Beadles sister while attending church when he moved to Georgia and it is likely that they met at the same time as well. The couple reportedly broke up to Biebers touring schedule but remained on good terms.

Are Christian Beadles American?

Christian Beadles is an American actor, singer-songwriter and YouTube sensation who rose to fame as the best friend of Justin Bieber and for role in the 2009 television series, Drop Dead Diva. He is also known for making funny videos with almost 100 million views on his YouTube channel.

Why is Caitlin Beadles famous?

She started her own charity to help rescue dogs. She founded the charity Caitlins Vine of Bravery Dog Rescue. The focus of the charity is rescuing and rehabilitating injured and abused dogs and finding forever homes for them. It also connects therapy dogs to those who need them.

Who is Justin Biebers childhood best friend?

The Canadian-born singer lived a fairly low-key life alongside his childhood friends before becoming one of the worlds biggest celebrities. Justin was notoriously close to his hometown friends Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers, who he hung out with a lot in his famous scene.

Why did Caitlin Beadles and Justin Bieber break up?

8. She and Justin Bieber broke up because she didnt want to be in the spotlight. Bieber was in the early stages of rising to fame when Beadles dated him. Once he started getting famous, the couple split because Beadles didnt want anything to do with the spotlight, according to Hollywood Life.

Who is Justin Biebers dad?

Jeremy Bieber Justin Bieber/Fathers

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