Question: Why does George marry Susan?

David assured Alexander that Susan was the perfect match for George—and, in many ways, she was. George only decides to marry Susan after making a deal with Jerry that theyd both get married. Jason Alexander said Heidi Swedbergs comedic instincts were the opposite of his.

When did George start dating Susan?

Susan, an executive at NBC, first appeared in season 4 when Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza began pitching the idea for their sitcom to NBC executives, in the episodes The Pitch, The Ticket, The Wallet and The Watch. Over the course of the fourth season, Susan began dating George.

What happened to George Costanzas fiance?

George Costanzas fiancee Susan was unceremoniously killed off at the end of Season 7 by licking too much low-quality glue, and rumors later swirled that she met her demise because Jason Alexander

Who does George marry in Seinfeld?

In the season 7 Curb Your Enthusiasm episode Seinfeld, George has married (and divorced) a woman named Amanda in the time since the finale.

Is Newman based on a real person?

Remember the episode “The Sniffing Accountant?” Jerry, Kramer, and Newman give all their money to an accountant whose sniffing has them suspecting hes a drug addict. Well, he was based on a real-life accountant who Jerry Seinfeld hired.

How much money does the cast of Seinfeld make in reruns?

David and Seinfeld can each make $400 million per syndication cycle, New York Magazine reported.

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