Question: Why did Hinge ask if I met someone?

We Met helps us understand your dating journey as you move things off the app. A few days after exchanging phone numbers, well ask you a) if you went on a date and b) if your date is the type of person youd like to see again.

Does Hinge notify if you say we met?

Called We Met, the feature is triggered when users exchange phone numbers within the Hinge app. A few days later, Hinge will send a message asking if they met, whether they enjoyed the date, and if they plan to go on a second date. Feedback isnt shared with the other person.

Is it rude to ghost someone on Hinge?

Not ghosting confirms youre a decent human being! Dont ghost because it will make you feel bad. In fact, 76% of Hinge users said theyve felt guilty after ghosting someone.

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