Question: Should I have a pen pal?

If you find someone who comes from a different background to communicate with, it allows you to expand on what you know about the world and other cultures. International pen pals make you more curious about the world and connect you with someone who is willing to teach you their perspective.

Should I give my pen pal my address?

Talk to your penpal before exchanging addresses and use common sense. Dont give your address to someone sketchy or someone you dont trust. Think wisely and make good decisions. Youre free to include anything you want to send to your penpal.

Can you fall in love with a pen pal?

It certainly can. There are lovely stories from wartime about soldiers falling in love with pen-pal sweethearts. Writing long letters can help people discover how much they have in common.

Is having a pen pal expensive?

Yes, the things you send will be one expense, but dont forget to consider the cost of postage. Having a penpal can be very costly.

Is it safe to have a prisoner pen pal?

Is Having a Prison Penpal Dangerous? Yes, it could be dangerous. Its not uncommon for unsuspecting outsiders to get scammed by their penpals in prison. But you need to remember that, just like the outside world, the prison is filled with all kinds of people.

How can I become a pen pal?

How It WorksWrite a Letter. Enter your letter in the form below, or upload a handwritten letter using the image upload button. You can even add a photo to help put a face to your kind words.We Handle Delivery. Skip the stamps! Stay Connected. Enter your email or mailing address below to keep in touch with your pen pal.

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