Question: When did Bunnykins start?

Doulton & Co. (Royal Doulton) introduced the Bunnykins figurines in 1939 with six original Bunnykins figurines designed by Charles Noke based on illustrations by Sister Mary Barbara Bailey. Shortly thereafter, and prior to World War II, Doulton & Co. discontinued their manufacture.

When was Bunnykins invented?

Six Bunnykins figurines were produced based on Sister Mary Barbaras illustrations in 1939 and were designed by Charles Noke. Discontinued during World War II, Bunnykins figurines were not reintroduced until 1969. Bunnykins continued to be produced in England until 2005.

Is Bunnykins Peter Rabbit?

Bunnykins figurines are based on drawings by Barbara Vernon, a 1930s English nun. The popular figurines of Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny and Jemima Puddle Duck are based on Beatrix Potter`s children`s stories.

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