Question: Is Grindr a Chinese company?

China-based Beijing Kunlun Tech Co. bought Grindr in 2016 and had hopes of taking the company public in a large stock offering until the U.S. government intervened.

Is Grindr China owned?

Chinese gaming giant Beijing Kunlun has agreed to sell popular gay dating app Grindr for about $608 million, ending a tumultuous four years under Chinese ownership. Reuters reports that the Chinese company sold its 98% stake in Grindr to a U.S.-based company, San Vicente Acquisition Partners.

Who now owns Grindr?

Reuters reported that San Vicente Acquisition Partners LLC purchased the West Hollywood-based business for $608.5 million. Kunlun Tech purchased Grindr in a series of deals in 2016 and 2018 with Joel Simkhai, its founder, for $243 million.

Does Grindr collect data?

Grindr collects limited information from third parties. For example, we may collect Personal Data from payment processors, ad partners, app usage and website tracking information, authentication partners, etc.

Is Grindr owned by Facebook?

Grindr (/ˈɡraɪndər/) is a location-based social networking and online dating application for gay, bi, trans, and queer people .Grindr.TypePrivateParentSan Vicente Acquisition LLCWebsitewww.grindr.com9 more rows

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