Question: Can you get your money back from Zoosk?

Zoosk does not offer refunds for any purchases. Zoosk does not offer refunds for any purchases. According to their policy, all purchases are non-refundable. This includes Zoosk coins and subscriptions that you havent used up.

What happens if I cancel my Zoosk subscription?

Zoosk doesnt offer any refunds if you cancel before your subscription term ends. You can still use your account and the cancellation will become effective when the current billing period expires.

How do I stop Zoosk from taking money?

Cancelling your subscription from your smartphone.Open your mobile browser, go to and log in to your Zoosk account.Tap on the 3 lines in the top left corner.Tap the gear icon close to your nickname.Tap Subscription.At the bottom of the screen tap Cancel Subscription and follow the instructions.

Is Zoosk easy to cancel?

May be many of you already using Zoosk online dating sites and dating apps to find local singles, match with daters and chat. But if youre not using Zoosk, youll cancel your account anytime and its very easy.

Why cant I deactivate my Zoosk account?

Zoosk makes it a little difficult to delete your account, and you can only deactivate it from the site. Once youve deactivated your account, youll need to remove Zoosks access to your Facebook profile, and then contact Zoosk about permanently deleting the account.

Does Zoosk charge you all at once?

So, thats all of your Zoosk cost questions covered! Zoosk Cost: How Much Is A Subscription And What Does It Get You?American Dollars12 months$12.49 per month or one payment of $149.886 months$12.49 per month or one payment of $74.953 months$19.98 per month or one payment of $59.951 monthOne payment of $29.953 more columns•9 Nov 2020

How do I unfreeze my Zoosk account?

From the iOS app and Android appOpen the Zoosk app.Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen.Tap the gear icon to go to your Settings.Tap on on Account.Tap on the pencil icon close to Account Status..Tap Pause Account and follow the instructions to pause your account.

Why do zoosk connections disappear and reappear?

People who pause the account have an intention to come back one day, maybe they just want to take a break from their devices. This option allows them to save their profile info, their connections, and their message history. They can come back whenever they want.

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