Question: Is there a dating app for single dads?

Zoosk is a top-rated dating platform. Its not exclusively built for single parents but, due to the high number of members, relevant demographics, and cool features, it can be considered a single parent dating site. Zoosk has been around for 12 years now.

How do I find a single dad?

Joining a single parent support group is another great way to meet single moms and dads. Look for listing online or in your local newspaper, or check out the community bulletin boards at your local coffee shop. And if you have trouble finding one, try starting a single parent support group of your own.

Is there a dating website for single parents?

Single Parent Meet SingleParentMeet is one of the largest online dating services for single parents, with thousands of active users each day. According to the dating site review website, Dating Scout, SingleParentMeet garners more than 50,000 active weekly visitors.

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