Question: Can you be exposed to herpes and not get it?

Exposure to HSV is very common. Most people however are unaware that they have been exposed, because theyve never noticed an outbreak. Its not until patients are tested that they learn they have HSV. Many people have been exposed to the virus, but are completely unaware.

Is herpes Contagious all the time?

The herpes virus is the most infectious just before, during, and after an outbreak — when blisters are present. But it also has silent shedding between outbreaks, meaning the virus can spread at just about any time.

Can you touch herpes and not get it?

You dont have to cum to spread herpes. All it takes is some quick skin-to-skin touching. You can also get herpes from kissing someone who has oral herpes. The skin on your genitals, mouth, and eyes can be infected easily.

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