Question: Why are ENTJs so good in a relationship?

In love, ENTJs value a partner who is logical and kind above all else. Because of their analytical nature, they likely search for someone who can make them feel peaceful and intellectually stimulated. They probably do best with a partner with more measured emotions who can balance their goal-oriented lifestyle.

Are ENTJs good boyfriends?

The ENTJ can truly make for an incredible boyfriend, but even more they make for amazing life partners. They want to always be loyal and supportive to the person they are with, and take this commitment very seriously. ENTJs are fiercely protective and are truly amazing people to have in your corner.

Can ENTJs be affectionate?

When it comes to affection, ENTJs tend to appreciate physical touch, so dont be afraid to initiate hugs or other forms of contact with them! This type is cuddlier than they initially let on.

Why are ENTJ rude?

ENTJ – Laziness and Procrastination If someones laziness and procrastination affect an ENTJ directly, though, theyre likely to classify it as highly offensive. If someone is being lazy in a way that gets in the way of efficiency, they see it as both disrespectful and very annoying.

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