Question: Does Lily Allen have a boyfriend?

Lily Allen and David Harbour have tied the knot in a chapel in Las Vegas. The singer, 35, and Stranger Things actor, 45, have been dating since last summer, and Allen has been pictured wearing a diamond engagement ring since April.

Who is Lily Allen in a relationship with?

David Harbour Everything we know about their romance so far. Today in Couples You Never Would Have Predicted, it looks like Stranger Thingss David Harbour and English singer-songwriter Lily Allen have confirmed that theyre something of an item.

Is Lily Allen still with her husband?

After an outrageous amount of speculation, the lovely Lily Allen has confirmed shes married to Stranger Things star David Harbour. Doing a Sophie and Joe, the pair went to Las Vegas to tie the knot and were married at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in a small ceremony led by an Elvis impersonator.

Who did DK Harbour marry?

Lily Allenm. 2020 David Harbour/Spouse

Has Lily Allen been married before?

David Harbourm. 2020 Sam Cooperm. 2011–2018 Lily Allen/Spouse

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