Question: Is dating Ban real?

What is a dating ban?

By definition, a dating ban is the prohibition of dating, the act of engaging in a romantic relationship with another, under decree (contract). If you didnt know by now, entertainment companies would put a dating ban in a contract that binds an artist to them.

Why is there a dating ban K-pop?

its called a dating ban so fans will feel secure and as if their idol favorites will stay loyal to the fandom alone. the companies created this so-called dating ban to reassure and keep fans in the fandom, so they wont lose money.

Do BTS really love their fans?

Reciprocated love Having some of the most loyal fans in the world, its no surprise BTS loves their ARMY back. According to Billboard, during the 2020 BBMAs, BTS gave a huge shoutout to their ARMY. (It also helps that ARMY is extremely loyal & faithful to BTS.)

Are Daisy and song still dating 2020?

Daisy (Momoland) & Song (iKON) YG Entertainment, however, commented that the two have gone on a few dates, but are not in a relationship.

Why did Momo break up?

The breakup was confirmed by the artists agencies Label SJ and JYP Entertainment on Thursday, July 8. According to reports, Heechul and Momo broke up because of their busy work schedules. Heechul and Momos relationship was first made public in January 2020.

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