Question: How do you install a 4-way switch?

Does it matter which wire goes where on a 4-way switch?

More videos on YouTube It doesnt matter which traveler wire goes on which bottom screw. Then connect the two travelers from the other 3-way switch to the top screws on the 4-way switch. Another key point is it doesnt matter which traveler wire you attach to which screw.

What is a 4-way installation?

Wiring a 4-way switch is simply adding a switch to an already existing 3-way switch circuit. This allows you to control a load from other locations in addition to the (2) locations that a 3-way circuit provides.

How do you replace a 4-way switch?

How to Replace a Four-Way Light SwitchTurn off the power to the switch at the circuit panel or fuse box.Unscrew and remove the switch plate; then use a voltage tester to make sure that the circuit is dead.Unscrew the switch from the electrical box and pull it out with the wires still attached.More items

Where does the white wire go on a 4 way switch?

Attach the black and white/blue traveler wires entering the 4-way switch box to the in terminals, often the top terminals on the 4-way switch - black on the left top pole and white/blue on the right top pole. Some 4-way switches may have the in and out pairs opposite each other, rather than top and bottom.

What is the difference between a 3 way and 4 way switch?

A three-way switch has three terminals; a four-way has four. These control a light from two or three switch locations, such as at the top and bottom of a stairwell, at either end of a hallway, or in a large room with multiple entrances.

Are 3 way and 4 way switches the same?

A four-way switch is similar to a three-way, except it has four terminals (plus a ground terminal) and controls one fixture from three locations. This type of switch must be combined between two three-way switches to form a circuit.

Can you put a dimmer on a 4-way switch?

Correct, no 4 way dimmers. The 3 way must be at either end of the switch legs, whatever it takes. If the dimmer is desired in a location where only a 4 way switch makes sense, the only solution is to extend the power and double back the switch legs so that it becomes the end.

Can I use a 4 way switch in place of a 3 way?

Sure, a 4-way is essentially two 3-ways in one device. Usually a 4 way switch has 2 (IN) screws and 2 (OUT) screws. Using one of the (IN) terminals is the same as the common terminal on a 3 way. And using the (OUT) terminals is the same as the traveler terminals on a 3 way.

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