Question: Are Austin and Ally still friends?

Even if some of our favorite Disney Channel series have come to an end, fans still like to know that the former costars have remained friends IRL. Well, worry no more, Austin & Ally fans! But if you thought that was all the former Disney Channel star had to say, youd be wrong.

Are Ross Lynch and Laura Marano still friends in 2021?

The show may be long over, but given their long-standing history, it would be so sweet if Ross Lynch and Laura Marano were still friends today. Thankfully, the signs point that way. Lynch and Marano have always shared a special relationship (albeit, not a romantic one — sorry Raura shippers).

Are Ross Lynch and Calum Worthy friends?

Coss (C/alum and R/oss) is the real-life friendship pairing of Calum Worthy and Ross Lynch. They seem to be close friends and, being co-workers, get along well and hang out as much as they can. They also seem to have a brother-like relationship.

Are Ross Lynch and Maia still friends?

Ross and Maia have a close relationship.

What is Ally doing from Austin and ally?

Laura Marano as Ally Dawson Laura Marano played the quiet songwriter with severe stage fright in the popular Disney show. However in real life, the actor is anything but afraid of performing on stage. Marano has kept herself pretty busy performing on the silver screen as well pursuing a career in music.

Who has dated Ross Lynch?

Jaz Sinclair Lynchs last post of Eaton was in July 2017, and by November of that year, W Magazine called Eaton his then-girlfriend in an interview. Now, hes dating CAOS co-star Jaz Sinclair. If youre a CAOS fan, you may remember a time when Lynch and Jaz Sinclair werent officially dating, but the signs were totally there.

What is Ross Lynch doing now?

What is Ross Lynch up to now? Austin & Ally was just the beginning for Ross! Most famously, he went on to star as Harvey Kinkle in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but he also appeared in the movies Status Update and My Friend Dahmer. Hes currently dating his CAOS costar Jaz Sinclair.

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