Question: What does transition mean in a relationship?

What is a transitional relationship and how can they help you find love? They are the first significant relationship that usually comes after a long term relationship or marriage. They are someone who helps you find your footing, after a difficult breakup.

How long do Transitional relationships last?

A rebound relationship can last from one month to a year depending on how much time you need to reach your realization. If you are in complete denial a rebound relationship may last longer than expected. Statistics say that men are more likely to rebound than women, because men find it tough to recover from break-ups.

Whats a transition person?

A transition person is one who breaks the flow of bad - the negative traditions or harmful practices that get passed from generation to generation, or from situation to situation, whether in a family, a workplace, a community, or wherever. Todays world needs more transition persons.

What is a transitional girlfriend?

The TRANSITIONAL woman is the first girlfriend you get serious about after your break up with your wife or long-term girlfriend. She is called “transitional” because she bridges the gap between yesterday and tomorrow. She is usually the opposite of what you are used to.

What is a transitional soulmate?

You think you are in love with this person, but it is the lesson that you are in love with. You will continue to attract this person until you work out why you attracted them in the first place. This person is known as a transitional soulmate. To clarify, a soulmate is a person we have a special connection to.

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