Question: Is the city of Bristol a good place to live?

Unquestionably, Bristol is one of the best places to live in the UK. In 2017, Bristol was named the best place to live in the UK, while in 2019 the city was named the happiest place to live in the country.

Is Bristol a good city to live in?

As if you needed more convincing, Bristol was voted the best city to live in Britain by the Sunday Times Best Places to Live Guide in 2017. Some of the reasons highlighted were its diversity, beautiful waterfront, low crime rates, vibrant atmosphere and great jobs, especially in the creative and IT sectors.

Is Bristol city Safe?

Bristol Crime Overview Bristol is the most dangerous major city in Bristol, and is the most dangerous overall out of Bristols 1 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Bristol in 2020 was 86 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is Bristol a bad city?

Why Bristol has been named as one of the top 10 WORST places to live in England. Shops closed on Park Street, Bristol. The good news, if there is any, is that Bristol was only ranked as the joint ninth worst place to live in the country, a position it shares with Blackburn.

Where should I not live in Bristol?

According to recent figures from the Home Offices website, the top 5 worst areas for violent crime in Bristol are Hartcliffe and Withywood, Old City Docks, Staplehill and New Cheltenham, Stokes Croft and St Michaels and Trinity.

What are the benefits of living in Bristol?

Is Bristol a good place to live?Great period properties. If you love property from the Victorian era, Bristol is definitely for you. Stunning outdoor space. Amazing shopping. Great universities. Superb transport links. Business growth. Nightlife and culture. City, countryside and beach.More items •3 Mar 2020

Why is Bristol so expensive to live?

Inner city costs have been driven up due to interest in the area from London professionals as a train from Temple Meads to Paddington takes just one hour and 30 minutes. And coronavirus has seen more people move into the outskirts of Bristol, as many dont need to commute into the city as they now work from home.

Is Bristol full of chavs?

Bristol, thought of by many as a hipster haven, made its first appearance in the list. A voter said: Beneath the veneer of textbook overdone hipster pretentiousness is the same Bristol of old - which was apparently full of West Country chavs.

Is Bristol safe at night?

Bristol has a Purple Flag award as a safe and vibrant place for a night out. Police regularly carry out high-visibility patrols to deter alcohol-related ASB and public order offences. Police and trading standards officers also work with licensees to ensure the city remains a safe place for a night out.

Is fishponds Bristol a nice area?

FISHPONDS could become the new Southville as the area becomes one of the citys most sought after areas to live. Its links to the city centre and sense of community is making the area a desirable place to live which in turn is encouraging new retailers to move in.

What salary do you need to live in Bristol?

Nationally Bristol comes in the top ten of the most expensive places to live. On average, residents would need to be earning £19.95 per hour, to live comfortably compared to £54.54 in London and just £8.98 in Bradford.

What is a good salary in Bristol?

Bristol average salary comparison The average salary is ranging between £35.3k in North Somerset and £39.0k in Bristol. The UK average salary was £38.6k in 2020. Gross average salary is calculated for full-time employees. Employee has to be in the same job for over 12 months.

Is Bristol cheaper than London?

Living Costs Theres no denying that living in London can be expensive. According to reports made by Expatistan, Bristol is 28% cheaper to live in compared to London. Although both cities are similar when it comes to food and clothing prices, the cost of housing and transportation is considerably lower in Bristol.

Where should I live in Bristol?

The Best Areas to Live In BristolThe Best Areas to Live in Bristol.Clifton.Horfield.Westbury-on-Trym + Henleaze.Redland.Redcliffe.Portishead.Bedminster.More items •3 Jun 2021

Is Bristol a hippie city?

Bristol is a city, not a town. However, its one of the most bohemian places in the UK. The Stokes Croft neighbourhood is regarded as Bristols most eccentric part. The area is basically an outdoor gallery with plenty of graffiti and street art including works by Banksy.

Is hartcliffe Bristol rough?

The Government last month ranked a patch of Hartcliffe as the most deprived neighbourhood in Bristol. It was found to be the 91st most deprived of almost 33,000 small areas across the country.

Is it expensive to live in Bristol?

Summary about cost of living in Bristol, United Kingdom: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,223$ (2,330£) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 935$ (676£) without rent. Bristol is 27.98% less expensive than New York (without rent).

What are the nice areas of Bristol?

Our Recommended Areas To Live in Bristol1 – Clifton. 2 – Totterdown and Temple Meads. 3 – Leigh Woods. 4 – Redland and Cotham. 5 – Redcliffe and the City Centre. 6 – Montpelier and Kingsdown. 7 – Southville. 8 – Stoke Bishop.More items •8 Feb 2020

Is Bristol cheap to live?

Bristol is one of the least affordable cities to live in the UK as house prices hit almost nine times higher than earnings. The Lloyds Bank Affordable Cities Review found Bristol is the 11th least affordable city to live in the UK, behind cities like Oxford, London and Exeter.

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