Question: What is the war zone in Albuquerque?

Most notably, the Albuquerque war zone is known to a crime hotspot. It is an area of the city running along both sides of Central Avenue, between the San Mateo and Wyoming boulevards. It is an area known for its high gang-related crime rate, particularly drug use and trafficking, prostitution, and other social crimes.

What is the best neighborhood to live in Albuquerque?

The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Albuquerque, New MexicoNob Hill. Located alongside Route 66, Nob Hill residents have easy access to the University of New Mexico and various shops and restaurants. North Valley. Heritage East. Bear Canyon. Tanoan. Peppertree-Royal Oak. Visit Before You Move.

Is SE Albuquerque safe?

OVERALL RISK : HIGH. When compared to nearly all other American cities, Albuquerque has an extremely high crime rate, so no - it cannot be considered a safe city. Use caution on the streets of this city both when it comes to petty crime and violent crime.

What do I need to know about living in Albuquerque?

Here are 14 things to know about living in Albuquerque!Wonderfully Varied Weather. Photo via @bklyphoto. Affordable Housing & Low Cost of Living. Vibrant Startup & Tech Community. A Growing Film Industry. Proud Indigenous Heritage. Gaze Up at the Stars. A Beautiful Place to Be Outside. Art as Far as You Can See.More items •Feb 25, 2019

Is Albuquerque a good place to live?

Answer: Albuquerque. This magical New Mexico city earned a place on our Top 100 Best Places to Live list for all the reasons above, but it scored particularly well in the amenities category, thanks to a long list of parks, museums, restaurants and fun things to do that keep residents entertained.

How poor is Albuquerque?

Albuquerque was ranked No. 10 in the report for a suburban poverty rate of 13.6 percent; a city poverty rate of 15 percent; and the number of suburban poor at 43,449. Albuquerque has faced difficult times, in the last few years, compared to the rest of New Mexico.

What is good about Albuquerque?

The city is known for its beautiful views and picturesque landscapes! Albuquerque residents can enjoy hiking, biking, and running at the Copper Trailhead in the Sandia Mountains. The Cibola National Forest borders the eastern edge of Albuquerque and is an ideal place to hunt, fish, and go horseback riding.

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