Question: Who has Justin Timberlake been married to?

Who is Justin Timberlakes first wife?

Timberlake won two Grammy Awards for his R&B-focused debut solo album Justified (2002) and its single Cry Me a River .Justin TimberlakeOccupationSinger songwriter record producer actorYears active1992–presentAgentJohnny WrightSpouse(s)Jessica Biel ​ ( m. 2012)​14 more rows

Who has dated Justin Timberlake?

Judge for yourself while perusing this list of Justin Timberlake flings, girlfriends and exes.Jessica Biel. Photo: @justintimberlake / Instagram. Olivia Wilde. Photo: Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images. Olivia Munn. Photo: Rick Diamond / Getty Images. Lindsay Lohan. Rihanna. Scarlett Johansson. Cameron Diaz. Tatyana Ali.More items •Jul 31, 2020

Are Jessica and Justin still together?

They recently welcomed their second son! Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake first met in 2007 and quickly went on to have one of the most high-profile relationships in Hollywood. Today, the two have been married for nearly nine years and are parents to two children.

Is Justin Timberlake married to Jessica Alba?

Before meeting in 2007, they were both dating the biggest names in entertainment. However, the talented duo ultimately chose each other, marrying in 2012 and later welcoming two children.

What does Jessica Biel do now?

Its no surprise Jessica Biel is still making headlines after she first starred as Mary Camden in 7th Heaven in 1996. In 2017, Jessicas eight-episode limited series, The Sinner, premiered on USA Network, and she currently serves as an executive producer in addition to playing the lead in the first season.

Does Jessica Biel have siblings?

Justin Biel Jessica Biel/Siblings

When did Jessica Biel leave 7th Heaven?

You dont mean to do this.” Biel continued on to share that the adult photoshoot wasnt calculated, but rather her embracing her newfound womanhood. Though her intentions may have been pure, her decisions led to her getting more or less written off of 7th Heaven in the shows 5th season.

Was Jessica Biel Pregnant 2020?

Jessica Biel never intended to keep her second pregnancy a secret. The 39-year-old actress and her husband Justin Timberlake welcomed their second son, Phineas, into the world 11 months ago, and shocked fans when reports of the tots birth surfaced in July as neither of them had confirmed Jessica was pregnant.

Did Jessica Biel have her own baby?

Biel gave birth to Phineas in July, joining her and Timberlakes 6-year-old son, Silas. The news came as a shock to fans, as the “Sinner” star and the former *NSYNC member, 40, managed to keep her pregnancy a total secret.

Who is Jessica Biel brother?

Justin Biel Jessica Biel/Brothers

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