Question: What is not allowed in Kuwait?

Wireless transmitters and communications equipment, including walkie-talkie radios. Firearms, ammunition, weapons and explosives, including weapons of a decorative nature. Narcotics of any kind. Kuwait has very strict laws with regard to drugs and they are enforced.

What is the rule in Kuwait?

Carry your passport or a Kuwait civil identification card at all times. Entry to and photography near government, military and industrial and other restricted areas (e.g. near borders and oil fields) is forbidden. In public, you should dress and behave modestly.

Can you drink in Kuwait hotels?

Alcohol cannot be purchased or sold legally in Kuwait. Alcoholic drinks are not served at bars, restaurants, clubs, or hotels—not even those that cater to international guests. Non-alcoholic beverages such as virgin cocktails, fruit juices, and alcohol-free wine and beer are served as alternatives.

Can you send alcohol to Kuwait?

You cant ship drinks with alcohol ( for example wine or beer). Do not ship it. Kuwait is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which also includes Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and also Saudi Arabia. If you want to ship food you prepare abroad, you cannot.

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