Question: Can unmarried couples sleep together in Egypt?

Unmarried couples can share the same room as long as both have Western passports. A Western woman cannot share a room with an Egyptian, whatever the hotel. The only solution is taking two rooms, they wont check who is sleeping where.

Can I stay with my boyfriend in Egypt?

gingerqueen, there are no laws against anybody living with a partner in Egypt, as long as they live in their own apartment (hotel rooms are forbidden), no one will knock the door and ask you to show any papers.

Where can unmarried couples stay in Cairo?

Cairo Hotels and Places to StayKempinski Nile Hotel Cairo. View Hotel. Le Passage Cairo Hotel & Casino. View Hotel. Fairmont Nile City. View Hotel. Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino. View Hotel. Ramses Hilton. View Hotel. Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah. View Hotel. Novotel Cairo El Borg. View Hotel. Windsor Hotel Cairo.More items

Can foreigners drink alcohol in Egypt?

Egyptian laws towards alcohol are quite liberal compared with that of most Islamic countries, except for the month of Ramadan when alcohol is strictly forbidden and only holders of foreign passports are allowed to buy alcohol. The legal drinking age in Egypt is 21.

Do Muslims in Egypt drink alcohol?

Islam is by far the dominant religion in Egypt. According to Index Mundi, it is estimated that 90% of Egyptians are Muslims, and 10% are Christian. In Islam, alcohol is generally considered to be forbidden, and since the country is heavily influenced by Islamic culture, alcohol is usually frowned upon.

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