Question: What is the drinking age in Nashville?

The legal age for purchasing and/or consuming alcohol beverages is 21. Even grandmas will likely be asked to show their IDs. Also, good to know: Sunday sales of beer and wine on Sunday from a grocery, drugstore, convenience market or other retail store is limited to 10am-11pm.

Can you drink at 18 in Tennessee?

It is fairly well-known that the legal drinking age is 21, making the consumption of alcohol for anyone under this age limit illegal.

Is Nashville strict on IDs?

Are Nashville bars strict with IDs? Not if it is just a bar. A restaraunt that serves alcohol, yes. Even if you are 50 and have no ID, you will not be served or able to buy alcohol.

What happens if you get caught drinking under 21 in Tennessee?

Underage Consumption of Alcohol is a Misdemeanor Offense in Tennessee. However, it may result in jail time, a fine, and a potential loss of your Tennessee drivers license. If convicted, the Underage Consumption charge will remain on your criminal history forever (except in rare circumstances).

Can a minor drink with parents in Tennessee?

Minors may not frequent licensed establishments unless accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or are under the supervision of an adult over 25 years of age. Further, minors who frequent under this exception may not have alcohol served at their table. The “Pizza hut” exception does apply for private clubs.

Can you drink under 21 with a parent in Tennessee?

While many states provide exceptions for alcohol consumption of a minor at home, when supervised by a parent, or for educational purposes, Tennessee has very limited exceptions to illegal possession or consumption of alcohol by anyone under age 21.

What bars in Nashville take fake IDs?

Best fake id bars in Nashville, TNHonky Tonk Central. 1.6 mi. 630 reviews. Rebar. 1.5 mi. 118 reviews. FGL House. 1.6 mi. 642 reviews. Tootsies Orchid Lounge. 1.6 mi. 949 reviews. Kid Rocks Big Honky Tonk and Rock n Roll Steakhouse. 1.6 mi. Santas Pub. 0.8 mi. Dierks Bentleys Whiskey Row. 1.6 mi. Losers Bar and Grill. 1.4 mi.More items

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