Question: How can I get my money back from Shaadi com?

Help & Support If you have sent at least 10 Interests to members who have not filtered you and you havent received a single Accept within the first 30 days of becoming a Premium Member, we will refund your entire fee, no questions asked! You can contact us & request for refund if you meet our Match Guarantee Scheme.

Can I cancel Shaadi com subscription?

You may terminate your membership at any time, for any reason by writing to In the event you terminate your membership, you will not be entitled to a refund of any unutilized subscription fees, if any, paid by you, except where otherwise guaranteed in writing.

How can I complain to Shaadi com?

Help / FAQs. - You can then always use the Ticket ID and reach out to our grievance officer Sharmila Mylvaganam by writing to for any escalations. You can also walk in to any of the addresses mentioned below and speak to our counsellors. People Interactive (I) Pvt.

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