Question: Do Logan and Camille break up?

Logan forgives Camille, but breaks up with her saying that 96% of all first relationships end in breakups so they may as well get their break up out of the way now. Camille seems to still have romantic feelings for Logan since shes disappointed about them breaking up.

What episode does Camille and Logan get back together?

But then in season 3 episode 1 they start dating again and have a more serious relationship.

Who ends up with Camille in BTR?

In Big Time Double Date, Camille and Logan fight together and end-up breaking up. By the end of the episode, they kiss and they get back together. In Big Time Dreams Logan and Camille end up together at the end of the series.

Does Logan from BTR have a girlfriend?

Logan MitchellRelationships:Camille Roberts (girlfriend)Other InformationTalent:SingingSeries Information18 more rows

Does Kendall end up with Lucy?

By the end of the episode, Kendall returns to the Palm Woods and finally makes his decision, but instead of choosing Lucy, Kendall gets back together with Jo, realising he still loves her. Due to this, Lucy left the Palm Woods and hasnt been seen since.

What is Logan from BTR doing now?

Most recently, he starred in Stars Fell on Alabama (2021), and hes slated to appear in the upcoming war film Wolf Hound among other projects. He also continued his work as a musician, releasing the pop solo album How I Like It in 2017 and the single Love U Sober in 2019.

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