Question: Does playing hard to get work on a guy?

When you make it a bit harder for a suitor to get your attention, you are perceived as having greater value as a partner, and the challenge is a turn-on. It was thereby found that playing hard to get can absolutely increase attraction. According to eHarmony, surveys reveal women and men should both play hard to get.

How do you get a guy that is playing hard to get?

Flirt with him (a little).Play with your hair while you talk to him.Laugh and look at the floor; let him see you blush just a bit.If you know each other well enough, you can give him a playful shove or a tap on the arm, thats really playing hard to get.

Is playing hard to get works?

Summary: Researchers examined the effects of playing hard to get, a mating strategy that is likely to instill a certain degree of uncertainty. In a new study they show that making the chase harder increases a potential mates desirability.

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