Question: What happened on the show ready to love?

After running some tests, the doctors found out that Alexx had brain flu. It even led to Alexx going into a coma for two and a half months. “I died twice in the hospital. My lungs collapsed,” Alexx said at that time.

What happened to the person on ready to love?

ATLANTA — A reality TV personality who lives in Atlanta is talking about his recovery from brain flu, which put him in a coma for two months. Alexx Blanks, who has appeared on OWNs Ready to Love, had to be put on life support after contracting the disease. He was on a hit reality show and the picture of good health.

Is anyone still together from ready to love?

Yes, Liz and Jason are together. In fact, the pair have often shared pictures of each other on their social media. Recently, Liz and Jason revealed they are coming back with a reality show of their own.

Is the hotel in the movie the resort real?

Most of the movie was filmed on location in Maui, an island in the Central Pacific. They recorded most of the sequences in the now-demolished Makena Beach & Golf Resort Maui (formerly the Maui Prince Hotel). The director had to rush since parts of the resort were already demolished when they knew about the location.

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