Question: How much did Gucci Mane give his wife before going to jail?

Gucci Mane gave Keyshia $2,000,000 before going to jail, reads the post.

How did Gucci Mane wife flip his money?

Gucci Mane Back in 2014, Gucci was sentenced to three years in prison for assault and possession of a firearm. Before he turned himself in, he gave Keyshia $2 million dollars to “flip” while he was behind bars. Keyshia used that money to invest in her cosmetics line which, in turn, grossed more than $6 million dollars.

Is Keyshia Ka OIR really pregnant?

Keyshia Kaoir and Gucci Mane are preparing for the arrival of their baby boy, and serving amazing looks in the process. The couple announced that they were welcoming their first child together back in August. The pregnancy reveal was made on Instagram as the model unveiled her baby bump in black lingerie.

Does Loni Love have a child?

Despite her achievements, the 48-year-old never had kids of her own, a decision she made several years ago. The real co-host, Loni Love, has been open about her decision never to have kids, despite several successful years in the entertainment industry, with all the means in place to raise a child.

Who is Keyshia Ka OIR pregnant by?

Gucci Mane and Wife Keyshia Kaoir Davis Welcome First Child Together: Hes Here! Gucci Mane is a proud papa once again! On Wednesday, the Grammy-nominated artist, 40, and his wife Keyshia Kaoir Davis, 35, welcomed their first child together — a baby boy named Ice Davis.

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