Question: How do you make a good username on POF?

POF permits letters, numbers and underscores in a username, but no special characters like @,&. If your username is not accepted, its most likely because its been taken by someone else already OR youre inputting special characters. You can only edit/change your username if youre a paid member.

How do you make a good POF profile?

To make your POF profile shine, create an amazing fantasy first date adventure. Make it cool, adventurous, and over the top. And make it completely obvious that youre not being serious. This examples works because its so over-the-top thats its obviously a joke.

How do I pick a good username for a dating site?

11 Tips for Choosing a Dating Site Username That WorksMake Sure Your Username is Appropriate for the Dating Site. Be Confident and Show Youre Attractive. Use Strategic Keywords. Use Your Favorite Song Lyrics. Show That Youre Smarter Than the Average Guy or Girl.More items •13 Feb 2019

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