Question: What is Belgrade known for?

The capital of Serbia, Belgrade, is known as “the city that never sleeps”. Floating clubs on its rivers have become synonyms for great parties and neverending fun, and Skadarlija, the bohemian street, for a place where music and singing can be heard until dawn. And yet, Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

Why is Belgrade called the White City?

Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has been known by main names. It was called Belgrade meaning the white city, by the Slavs. This is because the cities fortress looked white from the river. It is also known as the city that never sleeps due to its vibrant nightlife.

Why is Belgrade so important?

The city is of importance not only due to the fact that it was founded in the plateau of Belgrade, Tuna and Sava Rivers but also it is on the route to connect the Middle and West Europe with Asia Minor. In this period, it became one of the most important cities of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans.

Is Belgrade worth visiting?

What makes Belgrade truly worth visiting is the fact that it is still very unknown and unexplored for tourists – you can enjoy your holiday without huge crowds around you. If you have never been to the Balkans and you want to start exploring the region – Serbia, and especially Belgrade, is definitely a good start.

Whats the capital of Yugoslavia?

Belgrade Yugoslavia/Capitals

Is Belgrade a safe city?

OVERALL RISK : LOW. Belgrade is generally very safe. Its people are very kind and happy to help, and tourists especially shouldnt encounter any bigger problems in Belgrade. However, like in any other capital, it couldnt hurt to be extra cautious.

Is Serbia good for tourists?

Majestic nature. Serbia is relatively untouched in terms of modern tourism. Caught between the fashionable Croatian coast, the hipster-cred of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the obvious plus points of Greece, the many things that Serbia has to offer have gone largely unnoticed.

What is Yugoslavia called now?

In 2003, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was reconstituted and re-named as a State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.

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