Question: Should I smile in my Tinder picture?

Its hard to predict what people are looking for while swiping through an endless carousel of profiles, but science says there is one foolproof thing that attracts others: your smile. Thats why including photos featuring your big, brilliant smile gives you a better chance of getting more matches.

Should I smile in selfies?

Try out a few smiling shots during your actual photo session. If it just doesnt look natural, then dont smile. Better to be serious and genuine than to smile and look false. Your photographer will be able to give you guidance during the session, so listen to their advice.

What are the best Tinder profile pictures?

How To Take Good Tinder Profile PicturesHigh quality photos get more matches than cell phones pics. So work with a professional. Think about something funny to get a genuine looking smile. Dont expect drastically different match rates with different high quality pictures.Mar 25, 2017

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